Saturday, 6 April 2013

Bubbles, where are you?

First Saturday ride for a while and the sun was out making it ideal weather for a ride.

Spokes, Rusty and Bubbles headed out from Kemnay to meet Crank and I at Clovenstone.
Bubbles got lost and took an alternative route but got there in the end.

The fearsome five headed away from Clovenstone, down the hill to Kintore but the all new Negus3000 spat its chain. Quick repairs and a regroup, finding Rusty some way down the road, and we were off again. Through Kintore and out to Fintray without incident.

Up the hill on the other side of Fintray and Lance is blown out his hoop but cruises on like mummy's special little soldier. Meanwhile the team have given up on him and are now halfway to Newmachar!

Bubbles must have got lost again as he waited for Lance to "catch up" then followed along for a while. Obviously having no sense of direction was not an issue for Bubbles who cycled along face booking, texting and having a cyber giggle with his other friends whilst Lance endeavoured to remember how to breathe.

The team regrouped again at the baker in Newmacher where the science of sports nutrition was prevalent. Lance, Crank and Spokes squeezed in an energy gel, Bubbles had a banana and Rusty went shopping for a steak pie and a pint of milk.

From Newmachar to Whiterashes and then cut back down to Inverurie through Keithall.
After cresting above the tree line and into the snowcap on Rusty's "flat" route, there was a downhill section that was almost the length of a full turn of the wheel before it was uphill again!

On the way, Bubbles got lost again and didn't seem to recover from this one as he was never seen again. Maybe he got a better offer on text?!

From Inverurie the failing four headed back to Clovenstone for a well earned cup of tea and a snack of toast n cheese n sausage rolls. Crank took to the car and Lance took delight in being back at base whilst Rusty and Spokes headed back to Kemnay over Lumpy Brae. Kudos to both for their 3 segment awards each!!

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