Friday, 5 April 2013

Next try at a full ride is tomorrow.
Limited numbers due to other commitments but fingers crossed for an event free cycle.

Crank has swapped from Negus kidnap to Barracuda bashing
Spokes will be on the all new Negus3000

Rusty nav will guide the way whilst Bubbles will power on showing off at being young enough to be my son!

I will be on the Mekk but have not decided which saddle to go for. The standard hard as hell Mekk Saddle or the Specialised twin blade with lubristrip, sponsored by Gillette. May steal the Barracuda DFS sofa saddle!

Unfortunately Spanners has family commitments meaning he and young Fergie will not be along and, as far as I am aware, Bingo is still on his hollibobs whilst Wiggo is off arresting people or cycling too slowly and not volunteering to play rugby for the fuzz.

Some more sponsorship secured this week so we are getting there
Corporate sponsors allows us to get fancy new gear from Owayo so at least we will look "good" at the side of the road waiting for rescue!
See you on the road folks.

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