Thursday, 4 April 2013


Been a short break in the posting folks, I forgot what to do!!

Sundays ride saw five of us heading out with young Fergie McKenzie showing us all how young legs do it. All went reasonably smoothly and we were settling into a good ride - it may even be the first Garioch RFC CCC ride without any incidents


Headed up the hill to Chapel of Garioch the Negus returned with vengeance and spat off the left crank and pedal. A team "stop and search" found the securing nut but not the lock washer and despite Spokes knocking on every door and window in Chapel and turning a lady's beautifully organised garden shed upside down and into what looked like an auto-jumble no spanner could be found

The accosting of the tool kits carried by a passing cycling club yielded no fruit either
Cue the one leg cycling technique Spokes has perfected and has now passed on to Crank
Back to Kemnay with another epic fail recorded - one day we will ride off into the sunset without the bikes falling apart

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