Thursday, 14 March 2013

The Strainer Post

Well folks we have started training for Ride the North with a view to make it to the end before everyone packs up and goes home!

So far there are 8 of us
Roy "Rusty" Milne
Alan "Spokes" Elphinstone
Bobbie "Crank" Jack
Gordon "Gordo" Whyte
Davie "Wiggo" Smith
Pete "Crazy Legs" Young
Bruce "Spanners" McKenzie
and me, dubbed Craig "Lance" Mitchell

Something to do with need for a blood transfusion after each ride rather than HGH induced ability.

We are getting the miles in, in and around the Inverurie area, and all are welcome to join us for some fun, fitness and fundraising with the emphasis on enjoying it!

Monday nights we take in a loop that ends up at Inverurie pool for a warm down swim and a relaxing sauna. Each to their own through the week at the moment then a weekend run for more miles, generally on a Sunday as we still have to chase an egg round a field on Saturdays!

Rusty has a just giving page set up and there's a team page on virgin giving
Sponsor us please. It's for a great cause.
Keep an eye on the blog for our, slow, progress and future posts

If you want to join us give me a shout at
Come on, you know it makes sense .......

1 comment:

  1. Almost forgot about the guys on the fringes of committing
    Neil "Nelly" Moir
    Martin "Robbie McMartin" McRobbie
    Dan "Side Show Bob" Retter
    David "DT" Turner
    Paddy "Old P.Hart" Hart
    Steven "Numnuts" Dey
    Come along chaps, get your hat in the ring ......