Saturday, 16 March 2013

The postman always rings twice

Well folks, post 2
We have a ride planned for tomorrow morning
Lance, Crank, Spokes and Rusty are in and hoping to see everyone else along too
Whit punts will Crank be flaunting this week?
Will the Negus keep its pedals on?
Will the Mekk do some miles at last?
Stay tuned for an update .........

Well, it was cold and wet!
Tootsies just about got feeling back now.
Spokes, Rusty and Crank were treated to Lance discovering the tension in the new SPD pedal springs was higher than he was used to. Cue super slow-mo tip over.
Crank has found some new shorts to cover her modesty and leave the punts pundits guessing.
Rusty hit 42 mph and the way he was powering round that may even have been uphill.
Spokes hates hills (up). Lance loves hills (down).
Crank cranks relentlessly.
Still fun although it was hard going at times.
Cycle, swim and sauna tomorrow!

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